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GuestlistTemplate usage instructions.

1)    Download application called ‘Guestlist’ on an Apple ipad

2)    Within your email, open the attachment called ‘ Guestlist templateV1’

3)    Amend guestlist templatev1 to include the details of your attendees
Column A1 – leave this blank and list the names of your attendees in this column starting at A2.
Column B1 – use this column for contact number
Column C1 – use this column for country or language
Column D1 – use this column for Email address

4)    ‘SAVE AS’ your work :Once your Guestist template v1 is complete.select ‘Save as’ and rename the file to another name, being careful to choose the file format ‘ csv’ and save to your directory.

5)    Send renamed guestlist csv to an email recipient: attach the new csv file within an email and send to an email account for uploading to Guestlist app.

6)    Upload CSV file to the guestlist app:

   6.1    On receipt of the csv file on your ipad.  Tap on the guestlist document attachment

   6.2    From the dialog box that appears, select ‘open in’ guestlist app.

   6.3    change title of guestlist to reflect the name of event:  you can update the title of the guestlist by selecting ‘change’ next to the guestlist title.

7)    ‘Check’ customers in :now that the csv file is uploaded to theguestlist app, you can ‘check in’ your customers as they present themselves for entry.  


   7.1    Select the username from the guestlist

   7.2    On the right hand side of the window, select ‘entered’ once id has been

   7.3    checked. Continue to select the user names as they present themselves.
   7.4    If you want to check the number of your guests that have still not ‘entered your event, you may filter this information from the left hand screen. Use the fields ALL, NOT ENTERED and ENTERED on the left hand side of the screen to filter your guestlist.

   7.5    Use the search facility to look for guests as needed

8)    At the end of your event you can delete the guestlist information you uploaded (as a csv file) by selecting the cog icon above the search bar and ‘erase content’.

The data in your guestlist app has now been erased and is ready for the next guestlist csv file upload.

Download CSV file